Updating subversion in leopard

You might want to create a passowrd file, unless you want full public access to your repository.

For our purposes, simple http basic authentication is fine, but remember that the password is only weakly encoded and the traffic isn’t encoded at all, so a snooper could get to the information if you access your computer outside of your own computer.

I fixed this so that the Paploo, Thank you for sharing this with me. Can you tell me what exact apache version you are running?

After two days wrestling through subversion manuals, configuring, downloading and building subversion i knew there would be something “mackish” to solve this. Cheers, Cyriel I’m trying in vain to connect to our company’s svn repository from my MAC.

Because I deal with both Linux, Mac and Microsoft OS’s in my networks, I like to keep configuration files and source code for my custom apps in Sub Version.

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Here's the how to update Leopard's pre-installed copy of subversion. The SCPlugin from SCPlugin integrest with the Finder in Mac OS X and provides contextual menu to common svn commands.

Now, if you didn’t make a mistake, you should be ready!

Try going to (where you need to put the repository name you chose earlier instead of reposname! If you are lucky you’ll see revision 0 of your repository.

Also note that you need to fix the SVNParent Path and the Auth User File if you varied from my directions. This can be done in the Sharing panel of the System Preferences application.

Just click to turn off, and then back on, Web Sharing.

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