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Once you correct the track information in i Tunes, it re-writes the tags back to the underlying MP3 file and therefore remains consistent for the future.

While this is how i Tunes is supposed to behave, there have been bugs in previous versions that have either prevented the MP3 tag information from being updated properly by i Tunes or prevented i Tunes from reading the MP3 tags properly.

It recognized the file the exact same way, picked up in local, populated to playlist, can play the file without issue, but again doesn't list the artist name.

I then loaded up my android, and allowed my android to sync with Laptop #1, it pulled in the playlist, sync'ed the MP3, and my phone reports the exact same thing as the two laptops, everything plays fine, but it doesn't properly list artist, "Unknown artist".

Normally, i Tunes will read in the MP3 tag information and use that to update its database whenever you open a track to play it or modify the track information.

In this case, the MP3 files likely contain incorrect information and that’s what you’re seeing in i Tunes.

As a result, it does NOT link the tracks in the playlist with the local files since the playlist was designed with "unknown artist".

If I try to make a new playlist on laptop #3 with the fully tagged files, the other systems/phone do not play since they "dont have that mp3".

Depending on the status of your underlying MP3 files, there are a couple of things you can try to fix the problem and force i Tunes to update your actual MP3 tags from your i Tunes information, rather than the other way around.Simply select a group of affected tracks, pick a field you do not normally use, such as comments or BPM, add some placeholder information to that field, and click OK.Since you’re opening the properties for multiple tracks, i Tunes will not update the information from these tracks, but will write any information you add back into the tracks.We reserve the right to edit questions for grammar, spelling, and length. I recently moved my library of over 4,000 songs to a new computer system.Everything is working fine except that i Tunes 9.1.1 is now mysteriously changing my song names when they are played. in the name field a song is called “Elton John - Harmony”.

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