Song lyrics sexy camra

Music videos are limited only by your imagination and your budget.

In this article, we'll explore the basics of the technical and creative processes that go into making music videos, from humble one-takes captured on webcam to more elaborate productions.

Of course, they don't forget about granting many orgasms to each other.

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you ain't even Got an old man hu oh you do do he spoil you give ya everything you ask for?

so ya point you a lady not a trap or slut not a freak you just like to back your ass up ya mommy ain't raised a dummy yous a fan but so the street fame and the money you could pass up keep on danceing I'm starting to understand ya So you the type to make them hoes put they man up the fresh white tennis shoes or the sandles make a nigga lose maners gotdamn it.

Small Tits Some of these girls don't wear bras but that doesn't mean they have no tits at all.

by Mannie Fresh and Webbie[Intro] Waaa wuz up world this ya boy fresh and I'm here to give you some pimformation about the stiuation ya heard only holla at the bad bitches and I'm put your number in my chicktionary ya heard and I'll and I got the next wit a bad ass cunt let me see if y'all catch the voicesurprise y'all [verse 1] Yeah you think you all that don't cha can't nobody tell you shit you the shit everybody with a dick want you Keep your hair and nails did up bet you ain't even got no kids oh you do you keep your kids up?

you go to school wat you going for to be a nurse a teacher a lawyer do hair or what?

[chorus:] Come here bitch come here bitch bitch come here bitch come here bitch (hollar at a pimp) come here bitch come here bitch bitch come here bitch Come here bitch bitch (ya nigga is a whimp) come here bitch come here bitch bitch come here bitch come here bitch bitch (i'll take you to the crib) come Here bitch come here bitch bitch come here bitch come here bitch bitch (were a trill nigga live) [verse 2] You say you got your shit strait you ain't worried bout no man takein care of you you gone git yours any way thick girl pretty face big thighs Skinny waist don't really do the club you just hered that it was jiggalatin ain't never been to jail couldnt take that cell don't smoke dro can't take that smell smoke a lil color but a nigga couldnt tell jiggle like a stripper but the coochie ain't for sale Your heart you never gave cause a nigga wasn't real Never felt played cause you can't play a playa instead of gettin hurt you rather chill so you chillin rather be alone then have him playin wit your Fealings I'm peepin how you actin its a deed like you ain't wit it actin like you some kind of virgin I kinda digg it cause I ain't one of them them clowns around that be bullshittin neva slippin keep playin ima get it cause you sexy [chorus] [verse 3] Remind me of the movie playas club I'm tellin ya face like dimond shape like ebony 8 one arched eybrows with a belly ring doing an old crazy ass Dance that I ain't ever seen bet you took an hour tyring to squezze that ass up in them jeans is that your real hair or is you stunting come here let me see ass out spittin butin open hold up better beeyes all low from all the smoke and I can bearly see ass break a hard dick in half girl marry me you like This song hu young savage I'm the man to be I'm from louisiana but not damn I'l get some shit on camra you would never want your man to see me grippin your ass Cheaks pussy drippin water suckin boots and kikin screamin webbie fuck me harder your id on the dresser right outside the camcorder and every body pisse in The toilet I'm retarteded [chorus] [outro] Ay ay ay respect it pimpin picture me and yo bitch name on my license plateon the front of my cutlus you heard me and yo hoe starin me and yo hoe Picture me and yo bitch at my crib on my posterpidict bed with the sleep number 16 matress stiff and I'm giving her big long hard country dick yeah respect that 1088; var is_second_rightad = false; //!

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