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Leaders pointed to a need for greater intracultural competency as a way of understanding and incorporating cultural traditions into the Sacrament of Matrimony, but also to understand the couple's marriage culture and allow for appropriate and respectful marriage preparation.

In (AL), Pope Francis reminds the Church of the need to reach out, evangelize, accompany, and support marriages and families.

(While in canon law a bishop can allow a wedding "to be celebrated in another suitable place" other than the parish church [canon 1118], generally permission is not given for an outdoor wedding.) Other couples are unaware of the process regarding interchurch and interreligious marriages, when a Catholic marries a non-Catholic Christian or unbaptized person.

Finances can also present an obstacle when couples dream of a big Church wedding.

The surveys indicated that members of the Church's many cultural families can face unique challenges when seeking to be married in the Church.

Respondents noted that limited finances and/or a couple's immigration status may preclude them from celebrating the sacrament.

The most cited reasons by leaders for why Catholics do not get married in the Church were a lack of knowledge about the faith and a lack of connection to Christ and the Church.

Respondents reported that many couples do not see the value in marrying in the Church or understand the difference between a sacramental and civil marriage.

It is not an option in our times to assume that the family will take care of itself.John Paul II's teachings on the Theology of the Body.When appropriate, chastity, dating, relationships, fertility awareness, and marriage can also be discussed with young people.The program includes a speaker on the theology of marriage and small group discussions with married couples in all stages of life to talk about the blessings and challenges of marriage.This event is then supplemented with smaller programs throughout the year to encourage the discussion and continue formation.

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