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I found a red brick house with original decorative iron porch supports and matching shutters of the mid-1950s. They died in 2015 but our mom kept a meticulous typewritten diary of her life. I recently moved a file from my book “The People’s Place (Soul Food Restaurants and Reminiscences From the Civil Rights Era to Today).” A plastic, typewritten file card tumbled out of a box.

The house was nestled back off the street to fit into modest landscaping. It was given to me by activist James Meredith at a restaurant in Jackson, Miss.

Did he install the vintage wall pencil sharpener I found in the basement of this house?

Energy needs time to become focused, measured matter.

The ranch style was born in California in the 1930s and hit its peak from the 1940s to the early 1970s.

While sitting next to each other on a twin rocking chair, Ray and Wilma wave to Amish neighbors who hold tight reins on their horse and carriage.I live in Ukranian Village where I have become an old dude. In Westchester I’m one of the youngest guys in the neighborhood.The fine 2006 book “House As A Mirror of Self (Exploring the Deeper Meaning of Home)” by Clare Cooper Marcus mentions a gentleman who grew up in a small town, lived in the city for a long time and was contemplating a move to Arizona.Each setting represented a different stage of his life.He reflected on who he was in each house and he became comfortable in the “here and now.” I’m guessing there will be a lot of “now” in Westchester because there’s not a lot as much exciting “here” there as there is in Ukranian Village.

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