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(co-founder Bill Wilson) published a series of articles in a periodical called The Grapevine (which still exists today).

This 3% were never even addicted in the first place.

Green construction is all about using the resource efficiently and responsibly in the processes of construction to ensure lifetime sustainability of the house.

The construction practices that are eco-friendly, ensures…

One of the addicts who attended these first meetings was an addict named Danny Carlsen” (p. At the same time in 1946 in New York, Dorothy Berry, a brigadier in The Salvation Army, started working with addicts. Realized the seriousness of my shortcomings as I know them and accept the responsibility of facing them. Admit before a group of NA members these same shortcomings and explain why I am trying to overcome them. List for my own understanding all the persons I have hurt. Take a daily inventory of my actions and admit to myself those that are contrary to good conscience. Realize that to maintain freedom from drugs, I must share with others the experience in which I have benefited. Determine a purpose in life and try with all the spiritual and physical power within me to move toward its fulfillment. Most people in the 1950s were enjoying the postwar boom years, listening to Elvis, watching the tv (a new invention), and living the American Dream.

Danny Carlsen, who had been attending meetings of the Narco Group in Lexington was discharged and returned to New York. The “Beat Generation” was a growing group of underground radicals who were anti-authoritarian and were characterized by their use of marijuana and methamphetamines.

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