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The 10 phone lines keep ringing, and the intercom goes off again and again: "Arianna, for you" … "And so life has been for Arianna Huffington ever since May, when she and her business partner, Kenneth Lerer, a former AOL Time Warner executive, launched the Huffington Post.Part daily online newspaper—billed as the liberal answer to the Drudge Report—and part Internet salon, featuring cultural and political commentary, the Huff Post was also, on the day it launched, the biggest burst of star power ever to hit the blogosphere.Another staffer wants to know whether a posting on today's Huff Post that includes the phrase "fucked up" can be sent to Yahoo, which has just begun to run portions of the blog.

And all of them involving a considerable amount of drama—from the allegations of plagiarism that followed the publication of two of her books to the gossip about the prominent men in her life, and the stories about her membership in a controversial cult headed by a former high-school teacher who woke up from a coma believing that he was an emissary of God. There are calls to return, the phone rings nonstop, and her staff is lining up with questions. When a woman has married a gay multi-millionaire, run for California governor, and morphed from conservative Washington pundit to liberal L. At eight, a car from CNN arrived at her mansion, in Brentwood, as it does most Fridays, to shuttle Huffington to the taping of its weekly show Back home shortly after noon, she has no time for lunch.Huffington called attention to Miller's controversial pre-war reporting from Iraq, and she published the summer's widespread rumor that Miller had been one of the administration's sources on Valerie Plame—meaning that she had gone to jail to protect her career, not her sources."She came out and wrote what a lot of people were talking about, but not writing," says Victor Navasky, publisher of Huffington also made waves with her wall-to-wall coverage of Cindy Sheehan (who blogged on the Huff Post), her lacerating denunciation of the Bush administration's handling of the catastrophic flooding in New Orleans, and her continuing criticism of As advertisers signed up for space on the Huff Post, and its content was featured by AOL and Yahoo, its audience began to grow—to some 1.5 million site visits in September and climbing.

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