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On hand to provide us with some much needed swimwear inspiration this week is none other than Casey Batchelor!

The model was spotted catching some rays in Lanzarote, kitted out in an animal print bikini from Asos!

If she missed a minute on social media, she might miss something.

If you have been feeling restless lately, so badly wanting things to change, but believing that it’s impossible, I know one thing for sure: there is a way out. It felt like a daunting task, but I wanted to grow my faith. My why drove me forward, especially during the many times I fell behind or wanted to jump ship.

Or for even more suitcase-worthy styles, head to the edit below and shop the picks by Beth Richards, Norma Kamali, Mikoh and Missguided.

The former Celebrity Big Brother star, who has kept her romance with her beau Dane Goodson tightly under wraps for 18 months, finally believes she has 'found her prince'.

She is four pregnant with her first child, announcing her happy news in November.

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It was a safe space for us to share what we were experiencing, and allowed friends to connect with us and pray specifically.– When you’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to reach out and ask for help. They showed up with food, extra hands, prayers, and encouragement. I was in an airport going through customs and I heard, “Lara!! As I’ve mentioned, beginning of this year with all of our family transition was trying on our team. Make a Pinterest board of images that will inspire a purposeful year. Title your board “Make it Happen in 2017″ so we can search for each other’s boards! I rarely use Pinterest (like, twice a year) because it can be the black hole of distraction and discontentment. An insider recently divulged to The Sun that Casey was 'overjoyed' at the prospect of becoming a mum — revealing she had previously considered freezing her eggs as she thought her 'happy ending would never come'.Of the pregnancy news, a source told the publication: 'It’s been a long time coming for Casey who’s had such bad luck with guys she was considering freezing her eggs because she thought her happy ending would never happen.'But it really was love at first sight for her and Dane and a year and a half on they are overjoyed about becoming parents.My friends Talia, Tori, and Bianca often took Grace for play dates with their girls, and this was huge. I pumped for Sarah while I was still nursing Josh and made enough for a couple bottles a day, but it was undeniably hard. These friends filled in the rest, and what a blessing. ” We had never met in person, but Renee spotted me and we exchanged emails. The goal isn’t to have a Pinterest-worthy year, so pick images that have deep heart, not just pretty things. Tomorrow’s post includes a powerful step that will help you simplify your year ahead, and I can’t wait! It was a hard transition for Grace with two babies added to the family so quickly (and two very tired parents all of a sudden). I’ll never forget this gift.– As the transition eased and the hard season came to a close, I needed someone to help me sift through all that had happened, and to make some decisions about how I would spend my time moving forward. Diana has helped me make God-led decisions in the wake of such rapid life change.– One year ago, I prayed for a wise mentor to help me prepare for adoption, write my book well, and grow my faith. Months later (and I don’t even remember exactly how this happened but that’s God for you), Renee generously offered to drive three hours to my house to help me with my book outline and to encourage me as we prepared for adoption. She showed up with buckets of encouragement and wisdom for me… This generous and selfless gesture sprouted a friendship. Here’s my board from last 2013 and from 2014, 2015, and 2016. Comment with your answers from each step as we go through this series to be entered to win the prizes below.

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