Dating superstitions

When a new building or home is to be constructed, a groundbreaking ceremony called Jichinsai 地鎮祭 is performed to pacify the earth kami 神 (Shintō deity) and to purify the spot where construction will take place.

New airplanes are purified before their maiden flight.

Some Japanese still practice the old tradition of sprinkling water at the gate of their home in the morning and evening to purify the family environs.

In addition, purification ceremonies precede the commencement of all important events and functions in Japan.

One of the wives, hoping to encourage the emperor to visit more often, spread salt outside her house, and the beasts pulling the emperor's carriage would stop in front of her home to lick up the salt.

Sumo wrestling began as a Shinto ritual to pray for a bountiful harvest.Introduced into ceremonies of the Imperial Court sometime in the Nara Era (8th century).Most modern-day Sumo traditions were developed under the patronage of the court.Mori-shio may also be put at the four corners of a plot to purify the area (especially before one moves in).Elsewhere, Japanese sprinkle salt over the shoulder after attending a funeral (although funerals are typically Buddhist affairs, a small package of salt is always given to mourners who attend the funeral ceremony).

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