Are catelynn and tyler parents dating

"You're not the only one locked up when you're in there," Tyler tells him.Butch has the good sense to cry too, and think about what a shitty dad he was.Maybe she can find something to practice on other than a newspaper article with the grisly details of her dad's fatal car wreck?In addition to Farrah's and Catelynn's crying, there's also some Baltierra crying.for their live action remake — and we think they might have nailed it! According to law enforcement officials, the actress left her residence around 10 a.m. She returned about 4 hours later to find the place had been completely raided. It isn't the first robbery the actress has been a victim of.Fitting all the requirements — being ethnically Chinese, able to act in English, and having movie star charisma — is actress Liu Yifei, also known as Crystal Liu and in China as "Fairy Sister." Related: Beyoncé Starring In Disney's Live Action We were genuinely shocked to hear about Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson splitting after being together for nearly a decade, not to mention the fact of the two having a young child together. For those who forgot, Bilson was hit by the More details are coming out about Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen's separation news!

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There are also tears (real ones, for a change) from Farrah as she takes Sophia to Missouri to visit the surviving family of Derek (Farrah's late boyfriend, who died while she was pregnant) and see his gravestone.

Even Bonnie the Boxer can't stop yawning during these scenes.

Baby Emilee is wearing a lavender headband, because those Shirley girls are known for their stylish headwear.

Once in Missouri, Farrah hires a black man in a white shirt and black cap to chauffeur her around, because she's Miss Fucking Daisy now.

Sophia goes on and on about wanting a new daddy, and Farrah explains that talking about sad things can make people sad, and it's almost a normal parent-child interaction -- she even drops the fake baby voice for most of the hour.

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