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That's the first thing I want to ask David Cameron, as I sit down opposite him on the mid-morning train from Euston to Manchester.On Monday night, I say, I took refuge with my children in a friend's house in Hackney, a few hundred yards further away from the boiling disorder, far enough to feel safe; and, as I watched the scenes of conflagration and looting unfold on-screen, I did ask out loud: where is our Prime Minister?On this basis, zero tolerance of petty offences can send a powerful social signal about much more serious crimes.

“Although eviction is the ultimate sanction against anti-social tenants, this outcome sends a clear and audible message to anyone who blights a local community with unacceptable behaviour.” Stevie Mc Lachlan, a head of customer services at RCH, says the organisation has a ‘zero tolerance approach’ to anti-social behaviour in its properties.He added: “Our priority is to ensure our neighbourhoods are safe places to live and we will always support anyone who comes forward to report this kind of behaviour.“Our customers should never feel helpless when faced with anti-social behaviour and can be reassured that River Clyde Homes will always act in the interests of our valued customers.” Any River Clyde Homes tenant wishing to report incidents of anti-social behaviour can do so in confidence, at any time of the day or night, by dialling 08."It is extraordinary, this sense that you should do things together, and talk about things, and explain things, and it is brilliant.But, God, it's testing - no one tells you how to do it.

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