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Home to episode reviews and The Trekzone Spotlight, an interview podcast series aiming to interview every Sci Fi alumni in the world! This interactive site features the official trailer, a photo gallery, a synopsis, cast and crew bios, production notes and panoramas of the inside of the Enterprise.You can also download wallpapers, icons, a widget and a phaser app.Sometimes, a character either a) is so very funny, badass, awesome, or all three, they don't deserve Only One Name, or b) has a Meaningful Name to the Nth degree that no other name works. Make their last name, and first name, the same name.There are four common variations on this: Compare Meaningful Name and Theme Naming. Imagine any one of these characters doing The Name Is Bond, James Bond. ) When not applied to names, this is covered by Shaped Like Itself.The Zucker Brothers and Jim Abrams were following suit, satirizing Airport with Airplane, Top Gun with Hot Shots, Rambo with Hot Shots: Part Deux, and so forth.All these movies were big hits, and it seemed like parodies were only coming out bigger, funnier and faster. When the movie Spy Hard came out, less qualified filmmakers suddenly realized how easy it is to make a parody look funny, even if the humor was lacking. Miss Cheevus (Marcia Gay Harden): (pointing a gun at Dick Steele's head) You're going to look like Swiss cheese when they find you. NC (vo): ...scenes in this movie that look like other scenes from movies, and, of course, a touch of gross-out humor.The Federation is the only fan club designed with the help of Gene Roddenbery.

NC: Wait a minute, how can that be when other spoof movies have been doing so well? (Posters of the following movies are shown...) NC (vo): ... (Clips from Spaceballs, Airplane, and Hot Shots are shown) NC (vo): Some of our best jokes, satires, and even characters used to go into them.

Not to be confused with the Department of Redundancy Department, which concerns repetitive dialogue.

(Shortened version of the opening) NC: Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to.

There also seemed to be an emphasis of shoving as many movie parodies as possible.

Not because they had anything clever to say about it, or do with the material, but because... Once they had your ticket that opening weekend, nothing else mattered. So they didn't need a movie to actually be funny, they just needed it to look funny.

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